Payam Pourashraf

Adjunct Faculty // Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis
School of Computing
Payam Pourashraf
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Bio and Research Information

Payam holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in software, as well as a Master's degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on computer architecture. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science, where he is exploring the frontiers of AI research and developing new approaches to solving complex problems in the field. As a data scientist with a passion for artificial intelligence, Payam specializes in the fields of machine learning and recommender systems. Most recently, Payam has been dedicating his efforts to studying news recommender systems and sequence-aware recommender systems. In addition to his technical expertise, Payam is a strong believer in learning from others and enjoys collaborating with fellow researchers. He is also an excellent communicator who takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge with others. In his free time, Payam likes to play chess and ping pong and visit museums. His favorite chess strategy is the French Defense.

Research Area

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis

Specific Research Area

Recommender Systems, User Modeling, Machine Learning

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