Nedjla Tiouririne

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Nedjla Tiouririne

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I graduated with a Master's degree in 1988, and a Ph.D. in 1992, from the Nuclear Engineering department at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. My dissertation dealt with modeling edge plasmas in fusion devices. After completing a 3 year post-doctoral appointment at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, I worked as a Project Engineer at Schlumberger Oil Well Services, doing research on neutron logging tools. I subsequently joined my Alma Mater as a Visiting Research Associate in the program for Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security, while simultaneously teaching Calculus and Nuclear Engineering. I finally joined DePAUL CTI in the Fall of 2000 and have been teaching various courses in Computer Science, E-Commerce Technology, Computer Graphics and Animation, and Human-Computer Interactions on a part-time basis. I am also a full time Mathematics professor at the City Colleges of Chicago, based at Harold Washington College. I teach various topics, including Statistics, Trigonometry and Calculus.

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