James Yu

Professor Emeritus // Telecommunication & Networking, Security, Computer Security
School of Computing
James Yu

Bio and Research Information

Dr. Yu received his Ph.D in Computer Sciences from Purdue University in 1985. Before joining CTI, he was the director of Network Technology at ARBROS Communications, responsible for network architecture, network management, and service deployment of ISDN, RAS, Voice Tandem, ATM, Internet, Frame Relay, and IP-VPN. He had 15 years of experience at Bell Labs (AT&T and Lucent Technologies) where he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, working on software reliability, software quality assurance, project management, information system, local and campus network design, web-based application development, ATM switch development, local/toll switch development, softswitch development, and fault tolerant network design.

Research Area

Telecommunication & Networking, Security, Computer Security

Specific Research Area

LAN, WAN, Protocols, network security, wireless networks, softswitch, VoIP

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