Paloma Trecka

Adjunct Faculty // Cinema Production, Animation, Design
School of Cinematic Arts
Paloma Trecka

Bio and Research Information

Paloma Trecka has been an instructor at Depaul University from Autumn 2007 to the present and also for two decades at Columbia College Chicago. Paloma has directed, designed and animated numerous award-winning spots for television at various production companies in Canada (Cuppa Coffee) and the United States (Backyard Animation/Tricky Pictures). In 2001, She co-founded a production company, Stroboscopia, to continue to explore film making as an artist and as a professional director and designer. B.F.A. Specialization in Design for the Theater, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Research Area

Cinema Production, Animation, Design

Specific Research Area

Stop-motion animation techniques. Set design and lighting for stop-motion animation. Art history, history and aesthetics of cinema and theater and contemporary art. Cultural Anthropology and Folklore.

Professional Associations

Women In Animation, ASIFA

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