Susan Gold

Adjunct Faculty // Game Development, Multimedia
School of Design
Susan Gold
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Bio and Research Information

Susan Gold is an American scholar with an academic career that spans 20 years in higher education. She is a proven leader, facilitator, collaborator and activist. She is the creator of the much loved Global Game Jam®, the annual event that brings together over 40k game developers from around the world for one creatively explosive weekend of fun and innovation. Recently, (July of 2018) Susan launched a new extension of the event called GGJNEXT®, a game jam and curriculum for young creators age 12-17. She is widely regarded for her expertise in the areas of game education & game design, game jams, community development and large scale collaborative projects. Ms Gold is a skilled facilitator at bridging art, science, technology, industry & academia. Her ability to utilize her expansive network helps weave together large international audiences and projects. Currently, Susan has been fortunate to explore numerous opportunities working with global educational systems as well as international & federal agencies. Susan works to foster and nurture growth among the development community around the world through the Global Game Jam non-profit. Susan is drawn to the diversity that makes up the global independent game development community. Susan is an artist, designer, author, activist with a specialization in digital arts and media primarily focused on video games. Interested in community based projects that bring together the most creative minds and experimental thinkers, Susan says, “innovation through collaboration” is her mantra. As a veteran and leader in the video game industry, she sits on numerous advisory boards, working groups and non-profits boards.

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Game Development, Multimedia

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