Camille DeBose

Adjunct Faculty // Theory, Multimedia
College of Computing and Digital Media
Camille DeBose

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Camille DeBose is a lecturer and award winning filmmaker in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul. With a Masters degree in Sociology and an MFA in Cinema she takes an academic approach to the exploration of social forces through the analysis and production of film. Her first film, Good Hair and other Dubious Distinctions sparked conversation on intra-cultural racism and the “othering” which occurs inside one’s own community. The film was recommended by Video Librarian—“Featuring commentary from professionals…as well as real people, the program offers hope about gaining respect and acceptance, reminding viewers that, “Who you are is what you’ve put in….”” Her second film, On Fathers and Sons and Love explored the lives of four generations of men through the lens of the Harvard Grant Study, prompting conversations on the role love plays in the lives of men and their families. DePaul magazine noted: “The film turns a sharp eye on the ways masculinity is challenged and altered by the experience of fatherhood.” Her third and shortest documentary, The Poetic and The Visual (, is an experimental collaboration with Ladan Osman, a Somali poet and winner of the Sillerman First Book Prize. The film explores art, poetry, and the politics of artistic production in our contemporary age of racial and cultural animus. All three of her films have been official selections at various film festivals including the Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago and the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival in Seattle. With over a decade of teaching at DePaul DeBose has taught an assortment of courses on Gender, Cinema Production, Sociology, and Ethics. In 2011 she was awarded the Louise de Marillac award for being a “Woman of Spirt and Action” and encouraging inspiration through teaching and action. She has popular writings published on Flow TV by the University of Texas at Austin and In Media Res. DeBose also presented at the 2017 SCMS conference on Lemonade and the evolution of the music video. Her films are funded and produced through SocMedia Films, a small production company which she owns with her husband.

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Theory, Multimedia

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Social Theory, Media literacy, Photography, Visual Philosophy

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