Chelsea Goodwin

Adjunct Faculty // Multimedia, Design, Theory
School of Cinematic Arts
Chelsea Goodwin

Bio and Research Information

Chelsea Cossu uses photographic and video media to create installations, performances, and ephemeral site specific projects. Recent works explore memory and travel, stillness and light, expectation, and transformed spaces. Chelsea grew up in Michigan, and returns often. She earned an MFA from The University of South Florida in interdisciplinary studio art. As the founder of Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk she immersed herself in the projects of other artists and communities to grow and adopt and open grassroots approach to producing public art on a pedestrian scale through site specific installation with video. Later, in Chicago, as a board member of Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, IL, and Member of Spoke Chicago an experimental studio and exhibition space, Cossu honed the balance of rigorous investigation, structure, and chance in experimental fields. She is seeking the continuation of these ideals in her personal artistic practice. Currently, Chelsea lives and works in Chicago as a Lecturer in DePaul University’s College of Computing and Digital Arts, and tries to be a part of as many experimental pursuits as time allows.

Research Area

Multimedia, Design, Theory

Professional Associations

ASMP, Society for Photographic Education, CAA

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