Marc Menet

Adjunct Faculty // Cinematography, Cinema Production, Visual Effects
School of Cinematic Arts
Marc Menet

Bio and Research Information

Marc Menet is an award winning freelance cinematographer based out of Chicago. His experience ranges from narratives and commercials to music videos and documentaries. Menet has shot a large variety of mediums including 35mm, Super16, as well as numerous formats of HD.

Marc studied cinematography at Columbia College Chicago where he accumulated over 100 cinematography credits on a large variety of films. After graduating, he segued directly into the freelance community and has been working continuously in the industry since. Before making the move to DP, Marc worked his way up through the ranks of the lighting department on commercials and television shows.

Marc has been awarded the Rising Star Cinematographer Award from Screen Magazine, and his work has been seen on such channels as PBS, MTV, the History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Showtime, NBC, and Fox. Additionally, films Menet has shot have appeared in over 60 film festivals around the world and have won several awards. Menet has also shot six feature films with international distribution and several more distributed regionally. Recently, Menet was a Co-DP on We Believe, a documentary feature for the Chicago Cubs which opened at the Chicago Theater. Inside 9/11 for National Geographic, which Menet was one of several DPs, was nominated for Best Mini-series for the Prime Time Emmys and Menets Find Yourself a Dream for the Chicago Bulls recently won a regional Emmy.

Research Area

Cinematography, Cinema Production, Visual Effects

Specific Research Area

Science of Cinematography, Lighting, Visual Effects, 3-d Cinematography, Optics, Digital Cinematography

Professional Associations

International Cinematographer's Guild - Local 600

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