Danny Mittleman

Associate Professor // Collaborative Technologies, Interactive Media, Information Systems
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Danny Mittleman

Bio and Research Information

Dr. Daniel Mittleman is an Associate Professor in the College of CDM at DePaul University where he teaches coursework in Systems Analysis & Design, Social Issues of IT, and Virtual Collaboration. He holds an AB and MBA from Washington University (St. Louis) and a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona. Dr. Mittleman's research focuses on Group Support Systems (GSS) and virtual meeting technologies. His projects include this investigation of collaboration aboard US Navy ships; development of GSS processes to support design planning, collaborative writing, and brainstorming. He also designs technology-supported classrooms and meeting rooms. He has published several dozen articles and papers in these research areas and is Past Chair of the Board of the Environmental Design Research Association. Dr. Mittleman is also a facilitator who has guided more than 700 strategic planning, documentation and requirements elicitation meetings over the past fifteen years for industry, government, and educational organizations. He wants to be an architect when he grows up.

Research Area

Collaborative Technologies, Interactive Media, Information Systems

Specific Research Area

Groupware, Virtual Teaming, Content Management Systems, Social Networking, Project Management, Systems Analysis, eLearning Systems, Collaboration Engineering, Design of Smart Classrooms and Smart meeting spaces.

Professional Associations

Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA), Association of Information Systems (AIS)

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