Production Office


The Production Office is the SCA’s central information hub. Operated by fellow students, the office is here to assist filmmakers with navigating filmmaking within the university and the city. The office is also the first step for reserving SCA film equipment, stages or facilities and can also provide assistance with casting, finding crew, and other logistical needs.


Monday through Thursday: 10am to 5pm
Friday: 10am to 4pm

Please email the production office in advance to set up in-person meetings to discuss details specific to your project.



Making Your Film Project

Production includes a number of possible needs such as equipment, access to stages, rooms or locations outside of the school, actors, props, and more. The Production Office exists to help students to navigate filmmaking at SCA.

Once students are assigned a film production project for class or have a project you’d like to pursue as extra credit, there are a few steps required to allow access to DePaul’s resources or for needs outside of the university.

Enrolled SCA students can visit our “SCA Central” information hub on D2L to find our SCA Student Production Handbook and link to SCA Production Training before downloading the Project Information Form required for getting started on their films.

Contact the Production Office for guidance for these steps and for navigating your way through the rest of your production.

Casting and Crew Resources

The Production Office provides a wealth of information on pre-production processes for filmmakers, which can be found under the “Info/Equipment/Forms” tab on SCA Central. For students looking to audition cast and crew for their projects, the office also provides these resources


All casting release and agreement forms are available in the Info/Equipment/Forms tab on SCA Central .


Students can cast SAG-AFTRA actors via the union's student film agreement. Union actors are subject to certain restrictions, however, so please contact the Production Office first at for more information.

Casting Sessions

Auditions submitted from local actors including DePaul Theatre School students and local Chicago talent are posted in our Actors Database found on SCA Central in D2L.

Breakdown Express

Breakdown Express is an interactive online casting tool, which enables you to send out a casting notice to regional Chicagoland actors and set up/manage audition appointments online. To access Breakdown Express and create your own account, visit their website: Breakdown Express.

When reaching out to actors for audition casting calls, your casting call notice should include:

  • Title of the Production
  • Producer and Director Names
  • Plot Synopsis
  • Cast Breakdown
  • Indicate if this is an open call or if you are seeking submissions
  • Indicate what you want actors to prepare for the audition
  • Audition Dates
  • Callback Dates
  • Shoot Dates
  • Shooting Location(s)
  • Your Contact Information


All cast and crew on student films must sign DePaul SCA General Release Forms, which are available on SCA Central under the Info/Equipment/Forms tab.

Send a Crew Call Notice

You can send a crew call notice to your fellow students who may be looking for opportunities to get on set. To do so, please email your notice to Once approved, your crew call will be emailed in 1 to 2 business days.

Your Crew Call Notice should include the following:
  • Title of the Production
  • Producer and Director Names
  • Plot Synopsis
  • Shoot Dates
  • Shoot Location(s)
  • Crew Positions Needed (be specific)
  • Your Contact Information

Sign up for the Crew Call Email List

Looking to hone your skills and practice your craft on set? Sign up for the Crew Call email list to receive notifications of student productions in need of crew positions. Email

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