Production Office

The Production Office is here to assist students with tasks related to producing their films. The Production Office is the first step in reserving equipment for projects outside of the syllabi and can help with casting, finding crew, securing insurance, and other logistics.

  • Phone: 312-362-6862
  • Email:
  • Address: 14 E. Jackson Ave - Daley Building, room LL103
  • Hours: 10am to 6pm, Monday through Friday


All casting release and agreement forms are available in the Forms Library.


Students can cast SAG-AFTRA actors via the union's student film agreement. Union actors are subject to certain restrictions, however, so please contact the Production Office first at for more information.

Casting Sessions

The staff of the Production Office records SCA's casting sessions in which dozens of professional actors who have expressed interest in appearing in DePaul student productions audition in a single day.

Hiring Actors from The Theatre School at DePaul

The Production Office is the contact for hiring Theatre School student actors. Only certain Theatre School students are eligible to participate in DePaul student films. To contact Theatre School actors for an audition, send a casting notice to the Production Office at

Your casting notice should include the following:
  • Title of the Production
  • Producer and Director Names
  • Plot Synopsis
  • Cast Breakdown
  • Indicate if this is an open call or if you are seeking submissions
  • Indicate what you want actors to prepare for the audition
  • Audition Dates
  • Callback Dates
  • Shoot Dates
  • Shooting Location(s)
  • Your Contact Information

Breakdown Express

Breakdown Express is an interactive online casting tool, which enables you to send out a casting notice to regional Chicagoland actors and set up/manage audition appointments online. To access Breakdown Express and create your own account, visit their website: Breakdown Express.


All crew release and agreement forms are available at SCA Central under Info & Forms.

Send a Crew Call Notice

You can send a crew call notice to your fellow students who may be looking for opportunities to get on set. To do so, please email your notice to Once approved, your crew call will be emailed in 1 to 2 business days.

Your Crew Call Notice should include the following:
  • Title of the Production
  • Producer and Director Names
  • Plot Synopsis
  • Shoot Dates
  • Shoot Location(s)
  • Crew Positions Needed (be specific)
  • Your Contact Information

Sign up for the Crew Call Email List

Looking to hone your skills and practice your craft on set? Sign up for the Crew Call email list to receive notifications of student productions in need of crew positions. Email

Location Use Agreement

The Location Use Agreement (LUA) is a standard contract that DePaul SCA students can use when filming on private property outside of DePaul. In short, the agreement states:

  • The location owner or manager grants permission to film in the space.
  • The owner or manager gives up intellectual property claims to recordings of the property from this shoot.
  • DePaul will compensate the owner or manager for damage caused to the property by the shoot.

The LUA can be found in Commonly Used Forms link on this page. Please make sure that it is signed and dated by a representative of the location before submitting it to the Production Office at

Certificate of Insurance

Some locations may request a Certificate of Insurance (COI). The COI is an official insurance document detailing DePaul’s insurance coverage for a third party’s property. If a location requests a COI, begin by completing the steps for a Location Use Agreement and sending it, along with the location’s written request for a COI, to the Production Office.

Using Rooms at DePaul

Students may film for class-related projects in public spaces on DePaul property, but may not block the free movement of other people. Use of a room or space controlled by a specific department within DePaul requires permission of the space manager. CDM has several spaces available for auditions, rehearsals, and shoots.

Please note that room reservations are subject to availability. Classes and events like the Visiting Artist Series have priority access. Check the availability of the room from the list below prior to submitting a request. To reserve a room, fill out the CDM School of Cinematic Arts Room Reservation Form on 25Live.

Theater, CDM Center Room 708

Hours of Operation: available during building hours

Reservations must be requested a minimum of 24 hours in advance for weekday reservations and by Thursday at noon for weekend reservations.

Room Equipment: Theater style seating for 35, 5.1 Surround Sound system, podium, computer and projector/screen.

Stop Motion Lab, CDM Center Room 818

Hours of Operation: (during the academic quarter)
Monday through Thursday: 8:00am to 11:00pm
Friday through Saturday: 8:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday: Noon to 6:00pm

Lab Equipment: 2 stop motion capture stations featuring Canon Rebel XSi DSLRs, Lenovo Thinkpad Laptops with Adobe CC 2015, and Dragon Frame stop motion software.

Green Room, Daley Building Room LL 111

Hours of Operation: (during the academic quarter)
available during building hours

Room Features: Flexible seating for 7, TV, dishwasher, vanity mirror, television and coffee table.

Lighting Stage, Daley Building Room LL 107

Hours of Operation: (during the academic quarter)
Monday through Thursday: 9am to 9pm
Friday through Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Room Features: Partial overhead lighting grid, pre-built alley set.

Theater, Daley Building 214

Hours of Operation: (during the academic quarter)
available during building hours

Room Features: Theater style seating for 55, 7.1 Surround Sound system, podium, computer and laser projector.

Television Studio/Green Screen, DePaul Center Concourse room C106D

Hours of Operation: (during the academic quarter)
available during building hours

Room Access: This lab is open to students registered in Journalism and Digital Cinema classes or by special arrangement. For questions pertaining to this lab and reservation requests, please contact AV Engineer, Travis Duffield at

Room Equipment:

  • Atem 1 M/E Production Switcher and Broadcast Panel
  • Mackie CFX 16.mk11 16 Channel live sound mixer
  • 3 Studio monitors
  • 2 JVC GY-HD110 Cameras
  • 2 Libec small size pedestals
  • 2 Teleprompters
  • Broadcast news desk w/ 4 chairs
  • 3 Interview chairs
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