CDM Tutoring


The CDM Tutoring Center provides services to support the academic success of undergraduate students and graduate students in introductory courses of their program in CDM. Tutoring is provided through foundation courses.

Services / Location

Free tutoring services are available during the fall, winter and spring quarters for undergraduate students and graduate students through foundation courses of their program.

The primary location of the Tutoring Center is on the Lobby Level of the CDM building. The tutor for networking courses is located in room 348, the networking lab.

Appointments / Walk-in Services

An appointment with a specific tutor can be scheduled through MyCDM. Online students can schedule a virtual session using this system. Tutoring is also available on a walk-in basis. Sessions are ½ hour in length and may be individual or in a small group session if there are other students from the same class. Students are limited to one ½ hour session per day with a tutor. If you need to cancel a tutor appointment, go to myCDM.

During the Spring term, the Tutoring Center will close at 4PM every Friday.

Student Guidelines

  • Go to class, listen attentively, take notes and ask questions to clarify misunderstandings.
  • Review notes, practice problems and read textbooks
  • Attempt problems on your own. If help is needed, contact the Tutoring Center.

Find a Tutor

There will be no tutoring during the summer session. CDM tutoring will be available starting Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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A tutor can be defined as a helper, advisor and instructor, but never as a grader. A tutor helps the student become a better scholar in the subject area, helps the client learn to catch his or her own mistakes and addresses academic difficulties on various levels. This may mean solving outstanding issues first and addressing more detailed issues in later visits and/or other assignments. Tutors employ interaction strategies and/or focus the discussion to the assignment’s level and the student’s needs.

Students need to provide the tutors with enough information and attention to let them do their jobs successfully and be willing to cooperate with the tutor and abide by the Tutoring Center policies. This includes providing the instructor’s name and class, a copy of the assignment or directions, and specific questions and concerns to be discussed. The DePaul CDM tutors are dedicated to helping students understand the key concepts necessary for success in their courses. While tutors are able to help you with your homework, tutors absolutely will not write code or complete homework assignments. Both students and tutors are required to follow the guidelines of the Academic Integrity Policy of DePaul University.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about a tutor or the CDM tutoring program, please email Dr. Terry Steinbach, Director of Student Learning.