Women at CDM

In keeping with DePaul University's Vincentian tradition of making quality education accessible to all, DePaul CDM is committed to making our school a welcoming place for female students to learn.
DePaul CDM is a dynamic and supportive community of scholars and practitioners in all areas of technology. And women are a key part of our community's success. Women students comprise 38% of CDM's student body. Student and faculty-led organizations and support groups such as HerCDM build support, mentorship and camaraderie among female computing students at DePaul.

For more information on opportunities for female students at DePaul, contact HerCDM advisor Heather Chafin.

Student Organization for Women at CDM

logo for HerCDM

HerCDM is a student organization targeting women in DePaul University’s College of Computing & Digital Media (CDM). The organization supports student success by connecting its members to experiences designed to foster a safe and welcoming environment in which meaningful networking, service, and leadership development can occur. The goal of HerCDM is to promote the retention, graduation, and future success of its members in hopes of creating a larger impact of women leaders in historically underrepresented industries.

logo for DePaul Association for Computing Machinery Women

The DePaul Chapter of Association for Computing Machinery Women strives to connect passionate developers pursuing majors through the CDM with students studying other fields, to supplement their academic skills with fundamental programming practices. ACM-W offers weekly coding workshops alongside events targeted to expand the horizons of its members while they explore other practical applications of computing and information technology.

Check out HerCDM and ACM-W   in OrgSync, DePaul's campus-wide student engagement tool. Follow HerCDM on Facebook and Twitter . Likewise follow ACM-W on Facebook.

National Women's Organizations of Note

These national organizations provide valuable information on research, mentorship and professional development. Links to other women's organizations are listed by the Ada Project , a clearinghouse for information and resources related to women in computing.

Financial Resources for Women Students

The following organizations and corporations provide fellowships, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to women students and researchers in technology:

Film Fatales

Film Fatales is a part of the Digital Cinema Collaborative formed in the Spring of 2014 by five Digital Cinema filmmakers under the faculty guidance of Shayna Connelly. Their mission is to support the academic and creative needs unique to women in Digital Cinema, to foster a network of support among women in all areas of film production and to increase the number of films by, for and about women.