School of Computing Alumni

The School of Computing (SoC) alumni network at DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media is nearly 18,000 strong. We are proud to be the alma mater to experts in the information technology industry. Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of our alumni who are using their SoC education to solve technology problems at work and beyond.

Featured Alumni

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Gabriela Ariza (MS Information Systems '17)
Lead Cybersecurity Specialist, Society of Actuaries
“DePaul really focuses on cutting edge tools and skills that make me competitive in the industry. The cybersecurity industry continuously changes and I knew I needed a program that would adapt with the field.


Eric Chiu (MS Human Computer Interaction '18)
Designer/Researcher, Nava
I encourage people to listen as hard and as long as they can. You might even listen so long that you’re sitting on your hands because you want to just start designing things or solving things—but you have to listen longer than you’re comfortable with. Helping people explore their own understanding of their worlds, that’s really important to me.

More Notable Alumni

  • John Akred, Algorithms Lead, Apple (MS Computer Science ‘02)
  • Karen Alkoby, Associate Professor at Gallaudet University and the first deaf woman to earn a PhD in CS (PhD Computer and Information Science ‘08, MS Information Systems ‘99)
  • Vince Anter, Founder and Producer, Amazon Prime’s V is for Vino webseries (BS Human Computer Interaction ‘10)
  • Carlos Castro Herrera, Senior Software Engineer, Google (PhD Computer and Information Systems ‘11, MS Software Engineering ‘07)
  • Ron Eisenstein, Partner, The Solas Group (MS Information Systems ‘03)
  • Jon Ferrari, Threat and Response Engineer, ActiveCampaign (MS Cybersecurity ‘17, BS Information Systems ‘15)
  • Keith Forsythe, Director of Engineering, Facebook (MS Computer Science ‘03)
  • Sanjay Gidwania, Senior Vice President of Growth, Copado (BS Information Systems ‘03)
  • Michael Gredlics, Decision Analytics Manager, Harley-Davidson Financial Services (MS Data Science ‘13)
  • Benji Greenberg, Founder and CEO, BCV, a RateGain company (BS Information Systems ‘09)
  • Krassi Hristova, Senior Product Manager, Facebook (MS Information Technology ‘12)
  • David Kalt, CEO and Founder, Reverb (MS ’95, Computer Science and Software Engineering)
  • Elizabeth Kovick, Senior Manager, Global Security Fusion Center, Allstate (BS/MS ‘10, Cybersecurity and Networking)
  • Sadaf Pasha, Senior Consultant of Healthcare Economics, UnitedHealth Group (MS Data Science ‘14)
  • Connie Phan, Director of Software Engineering, CME Group (MS Software Engineering ‘12, BS Computer Science ‘04)
  • Sierra Sellman, Supervisory Data Scientist, National Geospacial Intelligence Agency (MS Data Science ‘19)
  • Sohaj Shergill, Vice President of Business Analytics and Reporting-Commercial, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (MS Data Science ‘19)
  • Steven Slotwinski, Chief Technology Officer, Eclipse Gaming Systems (BS Computer Science ‘04)
  • Beth Steele, Director of Advanced Analytics, Spark Foundry (MS Data Science ‘15)
  • Aaren Stubberfield, Manager of Data Governance and AI, Ingredion Incorporated (MS Data Science ‘15)
  • Philip Tibitoski, Founder/President, Young Horses Inc. (BS game Development ‘12)
  • Sherry Wang, Senior Data Scientist, (MS Data Science ‘15)
  • Ryan Wiemeyer, Owner/Co-Founder/Designer, The Men Who Wear Many Hats; Founder, Indie City Collective (BS game Development ‘09)

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