Chris Kalis

Assistant Professor // Graphics / Animation, Post Production, Interactive Media
School of Cinematic Arts
Chris Kalis

Bio and Research Information

Chris Kalis is a filmmaker, graphic designer, and musician. His creative work includes motion design, narrative animation, sound design, music, and interactive media. Chris is a co-founder of the award winning design studio Plural Design, LLC and the Chicago-based electronic music collective Chandeliers. His music has received praise from The WIRE, Pitchfork, The Quietus, and Chicago Tribune and his animated music videos have screened at film festivals throughout the country including the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Columbus International Film & Animation Festival. He has worked as a music director and composer for a live soundtrack to Marcell Jankovics' animated film “Fehérlófia", a touring performance by Hubbard Street Dance, and the feature film "Orders", which premiered at the Kaunas International Film Festival in December 2017. Chris has exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Public Works Gallery, and some of his work is in the Chicago Design Archive. He is currently writing and directing an animated short film.

Research Area

Graphics / Animation, Post Production, Interactive Media

Specific Research Area

Motion Design, Computer Animation, Sound Design, Electronic Music Production, Digital Signal Processing

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