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Heather Quinn

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Heather Snyder-Quinn is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and writer who also goes by the persona @Louise451. @Louise451 as an entity uses corporate tools in unintended ways and as a means to both explore and disseminate her work. Using the guise of persona to work as a chameleon—she explores the dichotomies of design and humanity as well as the ambiguous space in between. She plays with themes of human and machine, and concepts of transparency—including public versus private and reality versus fantasy. Her work entices with multi-layered, playful, coded narratives that touch on both utopian and dystopian worlds. There is no instant gratification, rather the user is asked to interact with the design to uncover and reveal her message, which is usually a reflection of self. Heather teaches design at DePaul University, Chicago (USA). She previously taught at Rhode Island School of Design, where she received her BFA in Graphic Design. She has worked as a designer for over 22 years at agencies including, SapientRazorfish, Fitch and Essential Design. She opened her own design practice in 2001 and has created award winning work for hundreds of clients including MIT, Harvard, The United Nations, Forrester Research and Open Pediatrics. Heather recently received the Saint Louise Woman of Spirit and Action Award (nominated by her students), and she is co-chair of AIGA Chicago's Women Lead Initiative (https://www.aiga.org/women-lead-initiative), which celebrates and fosters women's achievements in design. She is the mother of two young daughters, and a strong advocate of supporting women in the arts. Recent Presentations: AIGA Make, CAA, CAA/Design Incubation, UCDA Hand & Machine, AIGA Converge, Design Principles (Barcelona Spain), Design Principles (Saint Petersburg, Russia) Recent Awards: STA100, AIGA Boost Grant, DePaul Women of Spirit and Action Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/pub/heather-quinn/1/53a/63a

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