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Yoseph Mendelsohn

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Yosef Mendelsohn first taught for CTI in the spring 1999 quarter. Since that time he has taught numerous courses in Java, C++, and Python programming, statistics, and web design. Yosef received a degree in music performance from DePaul University and is an accomplished orchestral clarinetist and conductor. In 2003 Yosef was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award for adjunct faculty. He then left a full-time staff position at CTI to attend medical school at Northwestern University where he received his M.D. in 2008. Yosef is a former Canadian national wrestling champion, a private pilot, and scuba diver. His primary academic and professional interest lies in medical predictive analytics and data mining.

Professional Associations

American Medical Informatics Association, American Medical Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

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