Bachelor Of Science

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering



The BS In Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering program prepares students for engineering systems that integrate physical processes, computation, and control. Cyber-physical systems are used to manage electric grids and other infrastructures, home utilities and appliances, robots, autonomous vehicles, environmental sensor networks, traffic control, smart toys, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

The BS In Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering is a hybrid program between traditional Computer Science and Computer Engineering and the only engineering program offered at DePaul. Just like any engineering program, it has rigorous math and science requirements and a focus on building systems based on theoretical foundations and fundamental engineering design principles. Unlike most engineering programs, it is multi-disciplinary and includes a broad and deep foundation in computer science and software development.

Students graduating with a BS in Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering will be uniquely positioned for engineering careers in various industries, building the interconnected cyber-physical systems of tomorrow.