Master’s Thesis Guidelines
School of Computing, CDM

A student who is working on a research project and has made an original contribution to their area of study may choose to complete a Master's Thesis. The following requirements apply to all students in the School of Computing who are pursuing the thesis option. Additional details can be found at the Master’s Thesis Guidelines document.

Thesis Supervisor and Committee

The student must identify a School of Computing full-time faculty member who is willing to serve as the supervisor on the student’s thesis. The thesis supervisor and the student together select at least two additional members for the thesis committee. For additional policies and procedures review the link.

Credit Requirements

  1. The student may take up to eight credit hours of their program's 695 Master’s Research course (e.g. CSC 695, SE 695) while they are working on the thesis research. In exceptional cases, the student may request, with the thesis committee’s approval, that the student's academic advisor approves up to 4 credits of relevant substitute course work to fulfill part of this requirement.
  2. When the thesis has been accepted by the committee (with or without revisions), and the thesis defense report has been filed with the CDM Academic Advising Office, the thesis advisor requests the enrollment of the student in the Master’s thesis course (e.g. CSC 698, IS 698, SE 698).

Information on how to enroll in these courses can be found at the Master’s Thesis Guidelines document.

Thesis Defense

When the student and the advisor believe that the thesis work is complete, the student will work with their thesis committee members to identify a suitable time for the thesis defense. The thesis defense will consist of a public presentation followed by a closed session with only the thesis committee. After the defense, the committee will complete and sign the Thesis Defense Report form. The advisor is responsible for submitting the signed form to the CDM Advising Office (

Publication in the DePaul University ETD Archive

DePaul requires the publication of the thesis in the DePaul University ETD archive, once it is approved by the committee. This is a graduation requirement.

The student must follow the thesis publication instructions found in the Master’s Thesis Guidelines document.