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GAM 329: Physical Prototyping for Games

This course will approach the study of Game Design with a focus on breaking designs into manageable elements and prototyping those elements in order to refine play. Students will learn how to develop game ideas and game systems with a focus on play procedures, rules, and designing for various types of possible players. Prototyping will involve various real world media in addition to paper write-ups and layouts. Students will engage in brainstorming exercises, develop game ideas and systems, and review and repurpose existing game mechanics. This course will help students find the balance between hard (planned logical) design and soft (more organic/emergent) design in order to develop compelling gameplay.

GAM 226 or GAM 224 is a prerequisite for this course

Fall 2024-2025

Section: 401
Class number: 15986
Meeting time: M 10:00AM - 1:15PM
Location: 14EAS 00206 at Loop Campus
Instructor: Lien Tran | View syllabus