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SE 581: Software Architecture II

In this second Software Architecture course, students will be exposed to case studies of real-world software architectures for which reliability, performance, availability, scalability and other such concerns drive the architectural design. Students will gain hands-on practice in reverse engineering, designing, and assessing existing systems including performance testing. Student will build on their prior knowledge to design complex systems in principled and systematic ways. The course will involve designing and implementing a simulated high scalability, high reliability system. PREREQUISITE(S): SE 480

Spring 2013-2014

Section: 901
Class number: 35321
Meeting time: W 5:45PM - 9:00PM
Location: LEWIS 01508 at Loop Campus
Instructor: Irv Badr
Section: 910
Class number: 35322
Meeting time: -
Location: N/A at Online Campus
Instructor: Irv Badr