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FILM 397: Capstone Development (Formerly DC 397)

In this course, students will create a proposal that outlines what they will do for their Senior Capstone Project. The project should be a culmination of all of the course work that the student did during their time in the School of the Cinematic Arts. Each project must adhere to the guidelines for their degree concentration. Students will begin to work on their projects in this class; the first version, cut, or draft of their project must be ready by the time the student begins DC 398 Digital Cinema Capstone. PREREQUISITE(S): ANI 340 or DC 302 or DC 306 or DC 307 or DC 310 (FORMERLY DC 397)

Fall 2019-2020

Section: 401
Class number: 16201
Meeting time: W 1:30PM - 4:45PM
Location: 14EAS 00209 at Loop Campus