Online Learning

Online Learning

What is Course OnLine?

Course OnLine (COL) is a unique technology, developed internally at DePaul's Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media, that captures the essential components of a classroom lecture--the audio, video, notes from a whiteboard, and the display from the instructor's PC or overhead projector--and synchronizes these elements into a single, flexible online interface. Information about viewing the lectures online and the different playback options is available here


Who may use Course OnLine?

All registered students may use Course OnLine, whether they are enrolled in the on-campus section of our program or the online section.

When are the lectures made available?

In general lecture recordings are made available about 3-4 hours after the on-campus lecture ends, and all lectures are viewable throughout the quarter while the student is enrolled in the program. Once the program ends, the lecture recordings are only available for one additional week. There are no exceptions to this policy.

How is the online section of the program conducted?

We have two sections of the program: the traditional section which meets on campus and another section for students who are taking the program online. Students in the online section view the program lectures using COL, instead of coming to class in person. They follow the same course schedule and the same (or equivalent) course requirements as the on-campus students. Coursework is facilitated by an online course management and communication system.

If I take the online section, can I still attend classes in person?

No, students in the online section are not allowed to attend the on-campus section.

Is there tuition price difference for the online section?


How do I know if I should sign up for the online section?

If you are certain that you cannot attend classes on campus, but would still like to take the program, you might consider taking the online section. Most students who are successful taking our programs online share some important characteristics such as the ability to work independently and manage their time effectively. These students are also highly comfortable using technology to view courses, to read lecture notes, and to communicate with instructors and classmates.

How do I sign up for the online section of the program?

You can apply for admissions to the program online, or via fax, mail or in person. A $40.00 application fee (non-refundable) is also required.