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GD 305: Investigating the Material Glitch

This course will investigate binary ideas fundamental to most design practice (good/bad, positive/negative, digital/analog) through the creation of images which are neither one nor the other---but fall into the space between, the space of a glitch. This course will use graphic printing-making methods as a tool to examine these ideas---including stencils, wood blocks, xerox transfers, and cyanotypes. Students will learn the technical aspects of each process. This course will be taught through discussion, critique, and studio work utilizing analog and digital drawing methods. There will also be instruction on the use of both the laser cutter and the CNC router in the DePaul makerspace. PREREQUISITE: GD 200 GD 200 is a prerequisite for this class.

Spring 2018-2019

Section 601

Class number 37100

Meeting dates: 3/30/2019 - 6/14/2019
Meeting time: M 1:30PM - 4:45PM
Location: 14EAS 00310 at Loop Campus
Meeting dates: 3/30/2019 - 6/14/2019
Meeting time: M 3:10PM - 4:45PM
Location: 14EAS 00213 at Loop Campus