Online Programs

At DePaul CDM, you can blend online and on campus classes. Many students find a combination of course delivery styles is the perfect way to juggle work and life demands. Graduate students wanting to complete their degree through online learning do not register for a special online degree. Rather, they apply for a degree program and then sign up for online learning courses. Online learning at CDM is not self-paced study. Though online students can view the lectures at their convenience, they are expected to follow assignment and exam schedules provided by the instructor. Online students are urged to keep their registered email address up-to-date in Campus Connection as email is the primary form of communication in all online programs.

Undergraduate Degree Completion

BS Computer Science

Provides essential training in the foundations of computing, data storage and information processing. With this foundation, graduates of the program can easily adapt to and create new information technologies, new computing paradigms, and new ideas for applying computer systems.

BS Information Technology

Focuses on preparing graduates who are concerned with issues related to advocating for users and meeting their needs within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. This degree prepares you to become skilled in problem solving and programming, networks and communications systems, databases, Internet and Web technologies, security and project management, and have a strong grasp of business concepts and technical communications.

Graduate Degrees

MS Business Information Technology

The Master of Science in Business Information Technology is a joint degree between the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) and the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business (KGSB). This degree prepares students to meet today's need for individuals who understand the core principles of both business and technology in corporations, health care institutions, and government agencies.

MS Computer Science

Exposes students to the complete life-cycle of computer application development including abstraction, modeling and algorithm development, leveraging computer systems, programming languages and development frameworks, and software development techniques and processes. It prepares students for a professional career in Software Development or Computer Science Research.

MS Cybersecurity

This intended for students who wish to specialize in the security aspects of Information Technology. Students will learn how to design, implement and maintain software systems designed to support security policy and network architecture consistent with mitigating risk and preventing hostile attacks.

MS E-Commerce Technology

Designed for those who want to specialize in e-business systems development and management. The program provides flexible, modularized advanced training in e-business systems as well as competencies in Internet application development, advanced Internet technologies, and wireless applications.

MS Game Programming

Designed for those interested in game development programming at the highest level, Game Programming also offers computer science and computer graphics professionals an opportunity to retool for the game industry.

MS Health Informatics

Provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to implement and support information technology solutions for health sector organizations.

MS Human-Computer Interaction

Focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of computer interfaces that are accessible and easy for people to use.

MS Information Systems

Focuses on the planning, development and management of information systems that enable organizations to gain strategic and tactical competitive advantage.

MS IT Project Management

Is intended for graduate students who wish to prepare for careers leading and managing IT project teams. The program provides students with in-depth knowledge of project management skills, including risk management, procurement and contract management, time and cost estimating, IT testing, quality assurance, and control.

MS Network Engineering and Security

Trains professionals who meet current industry demands for innovative network designs, and the development of new network applications and services for business enterprises and the network providers that serve them. This program offers theoretical and applied study of the design, configuration and management of converged communication networks.

MS Predictive Analytics

This program aims to prepare students with the required qualifications to become "data mining analysts/engineers" or "predictive modelers".

MS Software Engineering

Focuses on the processes, methodologies, techniques, and tools for developing high-quality software systems in a cost-effective manner. The program emphasizes the best software engineering practices, current methodologies, emerging technologies, and their applications.