Game Labs

Computer Game Development majors have access to all CDM labs but there are four labs that intersect with the program specifically.

Game development and research Labs: These laboratories are reserved for game development students working on classroom / research related projects. These labs are furnished with over is 30 development stations with high-end gaming PC, dual monitors and consoles, with all the appropriate software for mixed discipline game development. For more information, please contact Allen Turner.

Gameplay Lab:The Gameplay Lab features 20 computers designated specifically for gaming. These computers are both used for classwork and recreational purposes. This lab also features the 12 game console games(XBox 360, PS3, Wii) with access to the latest games. There are two motion sensor Kinect game areas to further study and enhance this immerging form of game play. For more information, please contact Allen Turner.

Virtual Reality Lab:Faculty and students collaboratively research and develop AR toys and games, and recently presented their work at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. For more information, please contact Brian Schrank.

Playtest and Usability Labs:Students learn how to collect (unbiased) game play data that will help design/development teams make better games. There are multiple games user research(GUR) methods that work best at different points in the development cycle and it is the game user researcher's job to understand how and when to effectively use the multiple methods available in the GUR toolkit. It is the role of the researcher to act as a bridge between game players and game designers/developers, that is, to understand the game through the user's perspective and convey that understanding to the design/development team. For more information, please contact Cynthia Putnam.