Game Labs

While students in our game programs have access to all CDM labs, several labs are devoted solely to gaming, including game development and research labs, a gameplay lab, and playtest and usability labs.

DePaul Originals

DePaul Originals is a game development studio located on our Loop campus. Its focus is the production of high quality game experiences that are delivered on commercial platforms.

Game Development and Research Labs

The Game Dev and Game Research labs are open to students registered for selected courses to work on classroom and research-related projects. Combined, they house 24 development stations with high-end gaming PCs, dual monitors, consoles, and the appropriate software for mixed game development.

Gameplay Lab

The Gameplay Lab features 24 AlienWare computers designed specifically for gaming as well as multiple game consoles with a library of games.

Playtest and Usability Lab

In this lab, students learn how to collect (unbiased) game play data that will help design/development teams make better games. The Software Observation and Usability Lab (SOUL) is a player-user research space available for reservation by faculty and students with two rooms (an observation room and a player-participant room) separated by a one-way mirror. It is capable of supporting multiple types of studies that include (but are not limited to): usability using Morae, eyetracking (Tobii), games user research (usability and playtesting), and focus groups or interviews.

Virtual and Augmented Design Lab

Located on the concourse level of the DePaul Center, the new Virtual and Augmented Design Lab (VAD) hosts classes and projects to research and develop experimental games on emerging platforms. VAD is equipped with Microsoft HoloLenses, AR headsets/visors, HTC Vives, VR headsets with hand and foot trackers, Oculus Rifts, iPhones for augmented reality development, and Macs and PCs. The lab is directed by Brian Schrank.