Bachelor Of Fine Arts

Graphic Design

Student work from left to right: Mia Patrevito, Sandy Duran, Ashley Belfsky, Erfred Catolico, Patricia Brooks, Regan Carey 


Students in DePaul's graphic design program study history and theory developing the skills necessary for a successful contemporary design practice. Our curriculum integrates a wide range of media and technologies from publication design to web, branding and interaction design, illustration to motion graphics, and typography to programming. The College of Computing and Digital Media and the School of Design encourage interdisciplinary collaboration providing internships and research opportunities. Students have access to cutting edge facilities including a Graphic Design Lab for print-based and introductory learning; MAC and PC computer facilities including design labs for studio practice, state of the art Mac and PC computer facilities and an interactive design lab as well gallery and critique spaces for displaying student work for class-based reviews and public exhibition.

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Studio Visits

Our Studio Field Trip class is designed to keep our students up-to-date on the trends within Chicago's professional design culture. We visit local firms and studios from all corners of the industry: Digital Kitchen, Doejo, InTouch, PSD Graphic Arts/University of Chicago, Studio Lab and VSA Partners, as well as many others.

Exhibition Space

The School of Design's critique and exhibition facilities offer dedicated spaces that allow students and faculty to focus on classroom feedback and dialogue---and also allow their work to reach larger audiences throughout the university and beyond. In the fall quarter of 2015, the School of Design unveiled a brand new exhibition space in the heart of downtown Chicago, at the corner of State and Jackson.


Internships are an invaluable part of a graphic design education---nothing can better prepare a student for the rigors of the 'real world' industry. We encourage students to pursue multiple internships during their studies, and work closely with the university's Career Center and their dedicated internship advisors to ensure quality opportunities for our students. Students have the opportunity to receive credit for up to three Internships in order to gain the experience to land the best job possible.


Student Groups

Graphic Design student groups combine membership in the leading professional graphic design organizations in Chicago: the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and Society of Typographic Arts with membership in university groups such as HerCDM. The most active group within DePaul's graphic design program is AIGA DePaul. AIGA is the largest and oldest professional membership organization for visual communications and graphic design in the country, with most major cities and universities having local professional and student chapters. These local groups help plan events such as speaking engagements, studio tours (at local agencies such as VSA Partners, Juice Interactive, Ogilvy, Digital Kitchen, Gravitytank, Thirst, Grip), social mixers and workshops. AIGA DePaul's purpose is to build community amongst the student body, as well as to promote education and involvement with the Chicago design community as a pre-professional club.

Graphic Design Minor

We offer a minor in graphic design to those students wishing to explore the world of visual communication and design while focusing on a separate major area of study. The graphic design minor is composed of 7-8 classes (28 credit hours) covering a range of topics from typography and illustration to web design and interaction. It is intended to give students a useful overview of the field and a solid footing in design theory and practice.