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MFA Animation (STEM)

The Animation MFA is the premiere degree of the DePaul graduate animation program. It’s designed for students who are interested in creating original animated films and artwork as their main vocation, and is the terminal degree in the field.

MFA Creative Producing

The Master of Fine Arts In Creative Producing is offered exclusively in Los Angeles, and is the terminal degree for producing in film and television. The program prepares graduates for a successful career in producing, and also a number of entertainment careers as the skill set covers a wide spectrum of occupations such as studio executives, television showrunners, talent agents and managers.

MFA Documentary

The Master in Fine Arts in documentary is a dynamic and fast growing program that cultivates the filmmaker’s unique voice by providing students the support they need to tell the stories they want to tell. Our engaged faculty and world class facilities offer a technical foundation that develops strong production values, effective post-production workflows and the ability to take creative work to audiences. Our approach emphasizes current storytelling and production practices along with studies in documentary history and traditions. We also expose students to a variety of innovative styles of filmmaking including transmedia storytelling and interactive documentaries.

MFA Film and Television Directing

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in film and television directing is the advanced degree in filmmaking with an emphasis in directing for film and television. The program is highly selective and culminates in the completion of a thesis film, a public screening and the successful defense of the project.

MFA Game Design

The Master of Fine Arts in game design program is for students interested in developing games that have a considerable social and cultural impact. The degree aims to prepare emerging artists as well as advocates of social and personal change to effectively realize their creative visions in the real world. Students learn to create profound, embodied experiences by pushing the boundaries of the medium’s aesthetics, emotional depth and range, and subject matter. Games students create throughout their degree will be challenged by faculty in critiques, through which students will grow into artists and designers who can sustain their professional practice after graduation.

MFA Screenwriting

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in screenwriting is the terminal degree in writing for film and television. The program provides aspiring writers with a demanding curriculum designed to cultivate their talents and arm them with the skills necessary to become successful members of the film and television industry. This highly selective program culminates in the completion of an MFA thesis screenplay or teleplay.

About the M-F-A in Screenwriting Program

STEM Program

STEM designation is granted to programs that produce graduates educated in science, technology, engineering, and/or math who help support U.S. economic competitiveness and growth. International students who earn degrees from STEM-designated programs can qualify to extend their post-graduation stay in the United States for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT provides an opportunity for international students to develop their careers while also helping meet the demand for STEM-educated professionals in the U.S. workforce.