MFA Programs

Master of Fine Arts Degrees

MFA Animation

This degree is for students who are interested in creating original animated films and artwork as their main vocation. Students in the MFA in Animation degree will receive intense and rigorous training in the history, critical artistic issues, and fundamental principles that are necessary for animation artists.

MFA Creative Producing

The courses offer a specialized education in leadership, marketing, deal-making, development, and line producing for film and TV, culminating in a thesis project that involves either producing a festival quality short film or creating a professional package for a film or television project.

MFA Documentary

This degree is aimed at students who intend to balance their creative personal voice with larger social goals. It aims to train ethical documentarians who can develop, produce and distribute non-fiction content that has an impact on their audience.

MFA Film and Television Directing

This degree is the highest level of training in digital filmmaking. The MFA in Cinema program is a highly selective program that culminates in the successful completion of the MFA thesis project, a public presentation of the thesis project, and a defense of the thesis to the student's MFA committee.

MFA Game Design

The MFA in Game Design is for students interested in developing games that have considerable social and cultural impact.

MFA Screenwriting

The MFA in Screenwriting is the terminal degree in writing for film and television. The program culminates in the successful completion of the MFA thesis screenplay or teleplay.

About the M-F-A in Screenwriting Program