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Master's Programs

(STEM)STEM Program

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MS Artificial Intelligence (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in artificial intelligence prepares graduates for successful careers in this fast-growing field. Students gain advanced technical skills and a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and technologies to build and support AI empowered systems. A broad range of electives allow students to gain knowledge in other technical areas relevant to AI, including data processing, big data systems, computer vision, robotics, cybersecurity and symbolic programming.

MS Business Information Technology (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in business information technology prepares students to meet today’s need for individuals who understand the core principles of both business and technology in corporations, health care institutions and government agencies. Many of these people work as liaisons between the information technology (IT) department and a functional business unit. Others work within departments that are information dependent and rely heavily on information technology. The program provides a solid base for those interested in moving their career forward through project management or IT management positions.

MS Computer Science (STEM) take this course online too

Computer science is a richly rewarding intellectual discipline that combines aspects of mathematics, science and engineering. Graduates with a master’s degree in computer science are, first and foremost, excellent programmers. They are capable of programming front-end web and mobile applications, as well as back-end services. They also are able to analyze programs for correctness issues and performance problems. IT professionals rely on computer scientists to create new software and to fix existing code when it goes wrong.

MS Cybersecurity (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in cybersecurity is designed for students who wish to specialize in the security aspects of information technology. Students will learn how to design, implement and maintain systems designed to support security policy and network architecture consistent with mitigating risk and preventing attacks.

MS Data Science (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in data science provides students with the technical knowledge and computational skills for a successful career in big data analytics. These skills include the capability to manage and analyze complex data, to develop data science models to support decision making, and to communicate effectively analytics results to a non-technical audience. Students take courses in advanced statistical methods, programming machine learning, deep learning, data storage and integration. The program offers the option of gaining competence in a specific domain through four concentrations.

MA Digital Communication and Media Arts

The Master of Arts in digital communication and media arts (DCMA) program will prepare students to use new technology to perform, persuade and communicate in a digital environment. Students will take classes in digital media arts, graphic design, media production, digital public relations, advertising, journalism and technology communication. By giving students a background in both technology production and communication studies, students will come away with the knowledge and skill set needed to be successful in today’s demanding job market.

MA Experience Design

The Master of Arts in experience design prepares students in the practice of designing products, processes, services, events and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. It is ideal for students seeking to learn the design methods that will enable them to address a range of problems across disciplines through the design of solutions that integrate mobile technologies, interactive systems, media, social practices and face-to-face interactions. Graduates will be prepared to produce diverse work that spans software development, user research, products, systems, services and games.

MS Film and Television

The Master of Science in Film and Television emphasizes technical and creative proficiency in the areas of cinematography, editing, and sound for the screen. This intensive program is designed for students looking to acquire and further professional career skills in film and television. The degree is well-suited for career-changers as well as experienced professionals who want to add new technologies and creative workflows to their expertise.

MS Game Programming (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in game programming is designed for those interested in game development programming at the highest level, including computer science and computer graphics professionals retooling for the game industry.

MS Health Informatics (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in health informatics provides students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to implement and support IT solutions for health care services delivery and health information management, including a deep understanding of medical data and health records, and their use in supporting decisions and protocols. The program combines core competencies in health IT management and system design with technical competencies in health information management and storage, including data storage and processing, health data analytics, enterprise management, systems innovation and design, and information security.

MS Human-Computer Interaction (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in human-computer interaction prepares students to ideate, design, implement and evaluate information and communication technologies (ICTs) so they are useful and usable for end users. This interdisciplinary degree integrates concepts and methods from computer science, graphic design and the social sciences. Drawing upon these concepts and methods, students learn user-centered and participatory design approaches as they create ICTs, including dynamic websites, mobile apps and desktop applications. Particular emphasis is given to ICT evaluation, exploratory user research, information architecture, interaction design and prototype development.

MS Information Systems (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in information systems focuses on integrating business and technical emphasis on the development, management and planning of information systems. This program will give students a strong foundation in business and systems analysis, project management, database and enterprise infrastructure.

MS Network Engineering and Security (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in network engineering and security trains professionals to meet current industry demands for innovative network designs, and the development of new network applications and services for business enterprises and the network providers that serve them. This program offers theoretical and applied study of the design, configuration and management of converged communication networks.

MS Product Innovation and Computing (STEM)

The Master of Science in product innovation is offered through the School of Computing in the Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) with some coursework taken from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business (KGSB). This STEM degree incorporates the innovation and entrepreneurship processes with computer science, allows students in the program to recognize broader issues in technology-related problems, and understand the business constraints affecting this technology.

MS Software Engineering (STEM) take this course online too

The Master of Science in software engineering focuses on the processes, methodologies, techniques, and tools of developing high-quality software systems in a cost-effective manner. In this program, students will learn the best software engineering practices, current methodologies, emerging technologies, and their applications. In addition, students will develop communication and presentation skills in a team-based software development environment.

JD/MS Computer Science Technology

The JD/MS is a joint degree between the Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media and the College of Law. The program prepares students for successful legal and related careers in industry, government, and other institutions that develop innovations, engage in electronic commerce, employ information technologies, and manage and protect information and data.

STEM Program

STEM designation is granted to programs that produce graduates educated in science, technology, engineering, and/or math who help support U.S. economic competitiveness and growth. International students who earn degrees from STEM-designated programs can qualify to extend their post-graduation stay in the United States for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT provides an opportunity for international students to develop their careers while also helping meet the demand for STEM-educated professionals in the U.S. workforce.