Doctor Of Philosophy Programs

PhD Computer and Information Sciences

The PhD program in Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) offers an opportunity for exceptional students to pursue computing-related research that will advance state-of-the-art knowledge. The program is highly selective and is purposefully kept small so that each student can receive substantial advising and mentoring from faculty.

PhD Human Centered Design

The PhD program in human centered design (HCD) prepares graduates to analyze, create and evaluate artifacts and/or socio-technical systems, where emphasis is placed on the dissemination of research findings to scholarly outlets as well as practical implications to society. This program targets those with a desire for a deep theoretical understanding of design processes that can be applied to academic and industry research that leads to design implications of interactive digital media. The degree addresses the expanding need for interdisciplinary scholars who have the ability to apply a variety of methodological approaches to empirically explore the intersection of technology, human behavior, and design processes.