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DePaul's graduate Computer Science program is the premier training ground for computing professionals in the Chicago area. Unlike a certificate program, our master's courses focus on fundamental concepts that remain constant, even as technology changes rapidly. Unlike more research focused institutions, however, our courses emphasize the programmatic application of these fundamental concepts. Students interested in research will find an abundance of advanced topics --- medical imaging, data mining, algorithmic analysis, and scientific computing, to name a few.


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Admission Process

The graduate application process involves completing an online application, sending in your transcripts and submitting any supplemental material (e.g., letters of recommendation, certifications, etc.). To learn more about the process, visit our Graduate Admission page for more information.

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CS faculty perform research in a wide variety of areas. Many projects are funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other agencies. Faculty research areas include artificial intelligence, computational finance, data mining, database systems, high performance and scientific computing, human-computer interaction, programming languages and systems, security, software engineering, technology education, theory, and visual computing.

Careers in CS

Computer Science students from DePaul go on to work in a wide variety of industries, including advertising and marketing, banking and financial services, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, non-profits and, of course, software and services --- almost every business can make use of new information technology ideas and applications for their systems.

Companies that have recently hired CDM students include Adage Technologies, Allstate, Avanade, Classified Ventures (, CME Group, CNA, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Google, JP Morgan Chase, kCura, Navteq, Thoughtworks, Microsoft, and WMS.

CODE.ORG is a great resource for students interested in computer science to learn how to code.

If you're already a pro, enables you to share your knowledge to inspire the next generation of programmers and computer scientists.

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Brian Wray
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Undergrad CS degree

We value students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds so we don’t require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. We offer introductory courses specifically designed to provide all the preparation you need to be successful in this degree.

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